«My head hit the ice when I was 14»

« They love to say I have changed since I’m 18 but I don’t think it’s true, you always remain deeply this young child.»

« I'm fascinated by people living in the street, people who use their time, who have a strong aesthetic. I love the way they live. The vibe, the aura, the attitude, that’s what counts.”

«Trans culture»

«I care about the details. I want to feel what they feel. I’m crazy but that’s what makes me real.»

«I touched the city at 18. They threw me out of the apartment, so I had to find my way out.»

«Back after situations, failures but potential, Paris saved my expression.»

«I wanted to hang out by night in NYC, so I was cleaning offices to afford my sky ticket.»

«She became these night creatures I felt attracted to.»

«Come to live with us.»

«Rihanna’s tips paid my firsts projects.»

«Movements and labels for years, they were essential to me, part of my education»